Featured Artist: Nicole Em

By Alliyah Brozkurt January 2022 Practice makes perfect, and a positive attitude makes the journey all the better. Just ask Nicole Em.  Nicole is no stranger to the creative side of our school community. As a senior, she is taking … Continue reading Featured Artist: Nicole Em

A roadblock to learning: the absence of the sleep button

By Abby Helfer January 2022 Just weeks before the start of summer, the students of IHS woke up to find their sleep buttons missing from their laptops’ power options after the most recent software update.  This feature removal sent students into uproar and led to many confused teachers.  “[When I first got my laptop] I didn’t really notice [the sleep function] until it was gone,” says senior Gabrie Zimmerman. “Once it was gone, I realized I would rather have it than not.” The battery life for many of the laptops is only about 4-5 hours. This leads to some students … Continue reading A roadblock to learning: the absence of the sleep button

Online learning has ignored mental health needs

By Nashali Laza High school is a time to prepare students for the real word, yet with Covid-19, students from around the world have been forced to learn online for the past year. This screen-to-screen communication every day has not only been detrimental to students’ learning and preparation, but it has restricted students from socializing and communicating like before.  This lack of communication caused by online learning has affected students’ mental health and loneliness more than ever, and with the school year of 2021-2022 approaching, resolving this issue is crucial, as we don’t know yet whether we will be returning … Continue reading Online learning has ignored mental health needs

Keyboard warriors ruin healthy discourse

By Mark Harrington Some friends of mine were talking about clothes and cosmetics they wanted to buy. One of my friends chose something that I hated: fake rainbow teeth. The type of look your local SoundCloud rapper wears. I hated it and felt the need to lambaste them for their poor taste. Their response: “Who cares”? Such a simple, blunt, response. But it really made me think. Why do I care so much? Sure, I still find the teeth stupid, but why do I care what they spend their money on? Why do I feel the need to tell them … Continue reading Keyboard warriors ruin healthy discourse

The deadly toll of U.S. sanctions

By Sam Popnik Opinions Editor Throughout US history, the idea of peaceable coercion has been a long-living one. Popularized by Thomas Jefferson with his use of the Embargo during Europe’s Napoleonic Wars, the idea to further the country’s needs through purely peaceful, typically economic means, has been a humane response to other countries unfair trade deals, disagreeable foreign and domestic policies, and dictatorial actions. All of this takes place in sanctions, penalizing a country by raising the price to buy their resources or limiting the resources available to the country. Former President Trump did this with Iran, China, Venezuela, and … Continue reading The deadly toll of U.S. sanctions