Welcome to the Rodequoit!

The Rodequoit is Irondequoit High School’s quarterly print newspaper, staffed by a special group of lovely ladies and gents and overseen by one Mr. Joseph Kunz. We have meetings every Thursday, in room 2036.


Our second issue this year is out.

Our Sections:


The news section is run by Tom Rand. It runs news.

New faculty and staff give their welcome to IHS

new-teachasIn order to introduce these staff members to the school, we asked them these two questions:

What is your philosophy on teaching?

What would your students not know about you?


Sports reports on happenings in the world of sports, major events in West Irondequoit athletics, and writes by recommendation a profile on a male and female senior athlete for each sports season.


If you’ve got something to say, this is the place to see it. Loudmouths and inherent biases welcome.


Lifestyles is for the news on the nice things in life – fashion trends, new music, memes, or more.


Arts showcases artists (perhaps even you, dear reader), art shows, the plays, or anything else artsy-fartsy.